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We encourage all athletes to pick up their race kits on Saturday and attend an orientation session. There are two orientation sessions offered during race kit pick up.

Orientation sessions are approximately 45 minutes in length and include a course overview. Attend the session of your choice. Race day kit pickup will open at am for those unable to attend on Saturday. Race kit pick up is in a red tent near transition and remains open all day. Arrival times for all age groups will be posted in the Guide. The event will run rain or shine. See the FAQ page for more information.

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The interactive map allows you to view the course for each age group. Hover over the icons for more information. Lifeguards will be on deck at all times. There will be a maximum of 12 athletes per wave.

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Athletes will swim two per lane. Some age groups start their swim in the deep end too deep to touch bottom. Life jackets will be supplied for all age groups. Water wings, flutter boards or flippers are not permitted. Contact us with special requests or for specific details on the swim. The bike course is a traffic free 1. The road is paved and flat.

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The run course will take place on the sidewalk parallel to the bike course. There will be one water station on the run course for all age groups.

Older age groups will pass the water station twice. Drop in or give them a call at to make sure your bike is in racing condition! Technical problems can easily be avoided. Please be sure to pick up ALL belongings after the race. Lost and found items are gathered and left at the race site. My kids are still alive at Although they may be typical grumpy teenagers, they are kind and say please and thank you. So I did something right. I put food and drink into my mouth within 30 minutes.

They eat vegetables. And by that, I mean they eat peas! Make it happen, find a way!

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Coaching style in one word: Educational. Good question. Along the way, Another Mother Runner has flourished into an amazing community of badass women centered around the idea that the benefits of your miles ricochet through all aspects of your life. However, this looks odd to many cyclists outside of winter and further is illegal in UCI events. There is another angle to this too, safety.

Cyclists wear the most ridiculous thin clothing and gloves and as a result sustain horrible road rash. I should know it has happened to me. Cyclist still love their traditional clothing however and as a result keep getting unnecessary injuries!

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Where are you on disc brake bikes? Are they the future? Is there a secret to finding more speed in triathlons? Does the pedal and shoe make a difference to pedal stroke and inertia? Regarding clothing. How long should sleeves and socks be? Alex, thanks again! It was very useful. Let me remind a link to your YouTube channel.

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