Angels in Disguise: Leavings & Goings at the Chocolate Hills

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And the author would be drawn to and witnessed being with many men similar to him who would take action on customarily unacceptable desires in their hearts, the passionate ideas on intimacy in their minds, and what their bodies are capable of doing in the very open area in and around the Walls. You are not required to agree to this in order to buy products or services from Xlibris.

Angels in Disguise eBook by Jerome Espinosa Baladad - | Rakuten Kobo

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By requesting a publishing guide, you acknowledge your call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance and training purposes. As this experience happened so many years ago, I barely remember anything about the fellow, except that I was certain he was goodlooking and with a nice, bright smile. I was elated to have made it with him but I was troubled by the scars he had on his legs, which I didn't really have the heart to mention to him.

Of course, he knew about them. I made sure I got into the shower as soon as we were done. I allowed the heat of the water to wash away whatever dirt I felt I got from him.

Angels in Disguise: Leavings & Goings at the Chocolate Hills

And I would remember we had a nice dinner together in one of those restaurants along Session Road. What happened between him and myself was not considered a commercial transaction, of which I was grateful.

I won't still be able to remember more about him. I would say I enjoyed his company, and I think we exchanged contact numbers.

I would never know if we actually contacted each other again. But I've grown more aware of the sexuality of men who are from Baguio City and the nearby communities. I know from experience that men from the region are generally aware and open to the concept of men having sex with other men. They're among the sexiest fellows I've seen, especially when they're outfitted in their traditional garb that covers only their groin but has their butt cheeks exposed.


I don't really care about their moral opinions about these behaviors. I would recall a news report about a man who filed a case against another man who sodomized him while both of them were drunk; I would never know whatever happened to that case. And I'm just aware, much more than I would even dare to share here, that men up there engage in intimate acts with other men.

It's not only those who are considered natives; I recall having made it in a bathroom stall in a famous restaurant in Baguio City with a scion of a well-to-do family who have large swaths of real estate properties in the city. The last time I heard about him was that he got married and moved to Canada.

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But I would soon learn he's been divorced and has since been living in with a man. Keywords: cruising , men having sex with other men , men seeking men , movie theaters , sex in the theatre.

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