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Behind the hoplites, however, were stationed peltasts and light javelin-men, and behind them the stone-throwers. And of these there were many, for they came from that neighbourhood. But now, behold, they have found themselves in a situation in which they never expected to be, but we always prayed that they might be.

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For in fair weather they send a storm, when it is to our advantage, and when we attack, they grant us, though we are few in number and our enemies are many, to set up trophies of victory; [ 15 ] and now in like manner they have brought us to a place where the men before you, because they are marching up hill, cannot throw either spears or javelins over the heads of those in front of them, while we, throwing both spears and javelins and stones down hill, shall reach them and strike down many.

You will therefore be able, just as if they were blind men, to strike them wherever you please and then leap upon them and overthrow them. For victory, God willing, will now give back to us country and homes, freedom and honours, children, to such as have them, and wives.

Happy, indeed, are those of us who shall win the victory and live to behold the gladdest day of all! And happy also he who is slain; for no one, however rich he may be, will gain a monument so glorious. Now, when the right moment comes, I will strike up the paean; and when we call Enyalius 9 to our aid, then let us all, moved by one spirit, take 10 vengeance upon these men for the outrages we have suffered. In this battle fell two of the Thirty, Critias and Hippomachus, one of the Ten who ruled in Piraeus, Charmides, the son of Glaucon, and about seventy of the others.

And the victors took possession of their arms, but they did not strip off the tunic 11 of any citizen. When this had been done and while they were giving back the bodies of the dead, many on either side mingled and talked with one another.

Xenophon, Hellenica, Book 2, chapter 4

For we never did you any harm, but we have shared with you in the most solemn rites and sacrifices and the most splendid festivals, we have been companions in the dance and schoolmates and comrades in arms, and we have braved many dangers with you both by land and by sea in defense of the 13 common safety and freedom of us both. Yet for all that, be well assured that for some of those now slain by our hands not only you, but we also, have wept bitterly. For all those who had done any act of especial violence and were therefore fearful, urged strenuously that they ought not to yield to the men in Piraeus; while those who were confident that they had done no wrong, argued in their own minds and set forth to the others that there was no need of their suffering these evils, and they said that they ought not to obey the Thirty or allow them to ruin the state.

In the end they voted to depose the Thirty and choose others. And they chose ten, one from 14 each tribe. In fact, even the cavalry did guard duty by night, being quartered in the Odeum and keeping with them both their horses and their shields 16 ; and such was the suspicion that prevailed, that they patrolled along the walls 17 from evening onwards with their shields, and toward dawn with their horses, fearing continually that they might be attacked by parties of men from Piraeus. And having given pledges that whoever fought with them should be accorded equality in taxation 18 with citizens even if they were foreigners, they marched forth before ten days had passed, a large body of hoplites with numerous light troops; they also got together about seventy horsemen; and they made forays and collected wood and produce, and then came back to spend the night in Piraeus.

They also fell in with some people of Aexone who were going to their own farms after provisions; 19 and Lysimachus, the cavalry commander, put these men to the sword, although they pleaded earnestly and many of the cavalrymen were much opposed to the proceeding.

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For by this time they were very confident, so that they even made attacks upon the wall of the city. And perhaps it is proper to mention also the following device of the engineer in the city: when he learned that the enemy were intending to bring up their siege-engines by the race-course which leads from the Lyceum, he ordered all his teams to haul stones each large enough to load a wagon and drop them at whatever spot in the course each driver pleased.

When this had been done, each single one of the stones caused the enemy a great deal of trouble. While matters were proceeding in this way, Pausanias the king, seized with envy of Lysander because, by accomplishing this project, he would not only win fame but also make Athens his own, persuaded three of the five ephors and led forth a Lacedaemonian army.

So Pausanias encamped on the plain which is called Halipedum, near Piraeus, himself commanding the right wing, while Lysander and his mercenaries formed the left.

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And when he had retired without accomplishing anything by his attack, on the next day he took two regiments of the Lacedaemonians and three tribes of the Athenian cavalry and proceeded along the shore to the Still Harbour, 21 looking to see where Piraeus could best be shut off by a wall. And they killed nearly thirty of the enemy's light troops and pursued the rest to the theatre in Piraeus.

And the light troops, rushing forth at once, set to throwing javelins, hurling stones, shooting arrows, and discharging slings; then the Lacedaemonians, since many of them were being wounded and they were hard pressed, gave ground, though still facing the enemy; and at this the latter attacked much more vigorously. In this attack Chaeron and Thibrachus, both of them polemarchs, 24 were slain, and Lacrates, the Olympic victor, and other Lacedaemonians who lie buried before the gates of Athens in the Cerameicus.

And Pausanias, being hard pressed and retreating about four or five stadia to a hill, sent orders to the Lacedaemonians and to the allies to join him. There he formed an extremely deep phalanx and led the charge against the Athenians. The Athenians did indeed accept battle at close quarters; but in the end some of them were pushed into the mire of the marsh of Halae and others gave way; and about one hundred and fifty of them were 25 slain. He also set about dividing the men in the city, and gave directions that as many of them as possible should gather together and come to him and the ephors and say that they had no desire to be waging war with the men in Piraeus, but rather to be reconciled with them and in common with them to be friends of the Lacedaemonians.

For, as it is customary for two of the ephors to be with a king on a campaign, so in this instance Naucleidas and one other were present, and both of them held to the policy of Pausanias rather than to that of Lysander.

For this reason they eagerly sent to Lacedaemon both the envoys from Piraeus, having the proposals for peace with the Lacedaemonians, and the envoys from the city party as private individuals, namely, Cephisophon and Meletus. And they effected a reconciliation on these terms, that the two parties should be at peace with one another and that every man should depart to his home except the members of the Thirty, and of the Eleven, and of the Ten who had ruled in Piraeus.

They also decided that if any of the men in the city were afraid, they should settle at Eleusis. When they had come down, the generals convened an Assembly. Are you more just? But the commons, though poorer than you, never did you any wrong for the sake of money; while you, though richer than any of them, have done many disgraceful things for the sake of gain. But since you can lay no claim to justice, consider then whether it is courage that you have a right to pride yourselves upon. Well then, would you say that you are superior in intelligence, you who having a wall, arms, money, and the Peloponnesians as allies, have been worsted by men who had none of these?

Is it the Lacedaemonians, then, think 27 you, that you may pride yourselves upon? File Size. Created by.

Leeeroy Jenkins Online. See all 2 collections some may be hidden. Subscribe to download Hellenica: Story of Greece. This item has been added to your Subscriptions. Some games will require you to relaunch them before the item will be downloaded. An explosion of creativity and violence erupted in the Aegean Basin in B. This combination of science, mythology, development, and war was led by powerful city-states like Athens, Sparta, Corinth, Troy, Byzantium, Corcyra, and Thebes.

These states vied for control over their rivals and dominated the lesser states around them. In time, some of them became so well known that they are remembered even today. Hellenica: Story of Greece is a 3.

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Your goal is to become the preeminent symbol of Greece for all posterity by completing a combination of secret and public goals. Will you be remembered as a warmonger or a peaceful philosopher? Great priest or apostate? Will you develop a devotion to the gods or focus on the advancement of your people? Can you guide your civilization during these turbulent times? Will your vision of Hellenic civilization be remembered for all time, or will you merely be a stepping stone for another…. Popular Discussions View All 1. I updated the files to match the coming board game release and rules tonight. But, everyone should be able to experience a real game now.

And please let me know of any bugs you run into. I updated the files tonight. Sorry for ther delay.

Town (or Urban) Planning in ancient Greece

Hip deep in getting the board game completed. Let me know if you run into any challenges. Specifically the government tokens and mythical creatures assets are broken. I am working on a fix. It was due to a system change. My guess is next weekend.

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