Das Problem der literarischen Übersetzung (German Edition)

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  • Das Problem der literarischen Übersetzung (German Edition).
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  • Academic Subject: Translation Studies & Theory.
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Subject Area: Translation Studies & Theory

Translation, culture and communication. The relation between translations and their sources, and the ontological status of translations. Contact situations and barriers to intercultural communication: Orality, non-alphabetic writing systems and translation. Contact situations and barriers to intercultural communication: Alphabetic writing systems and translation. Typical translation situations. Translation as a semiotic problem, including intersemiotic translation. Translation and comparable transfer operations.

The use of translation in international organizations. Metaphor and image in the discourse on translation: A historical survey. Translation and cultural studies.

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Translation as an object of reflection in psychoanalysis. Translation as an object of reflection in gender studies. Translation as an object of reflection in modern literary and cultural studies: Hermeneutics to poststructuralism. Translation as an object of reflection in modern literary and cultural studies: Historical-descriptive translation research.

Translation as a topic of linguistics and text science. Possibilities and limitations of linguistic approaches to translation. Gardt subdivides his study a Heidelberg doctoral dissertation according to primary texts: there is a chapter on "Eveline", one on "Sirens", one on two poems from Pomes Penyeach , and one on Exiles. In each case he discusses at least two, but usually more, competing translations, covering all major and some minor German translators of Joyce in the process.

Vom Übersetzen. Basler Gespräche III - mit Ilma Rakusa

He starts off with a methodological chapter devoted to current trends in translation theory, adopting an approach which begins not with the translator translating but with the translator as reader. The translator-as-reader, just like any other reader, creatively acts on "impulses" 23 from the text, in the sense of Iser and Ingarden, to derive an overall understanding of it. Unlike any other reader he is reading and understanding it for the potential readers of the translation 31 , which means he has to exercise special care.

In today's version of the hermeneutic process we irrationally move "bottom up" to derive hypothetical "deep structures" and "top down" to test whether our assumptions check out on the surface. Once a consistent and cohesive interpretation deep structure has been arrived at, the translator's ultimate goal is to create an independent text which contains the same set of literary impulses as the original, allowing the target audience an equivalent reading experience.

In the case of "Eveline", Gardt mainly investigates strategies for rendering expressive sentence rhythm, diction, and leitmotifs.

Offene und verdeckte Übersetzung: Zwei Arten, in einer anderen Sprache ›das Gleiche‹ zu sagen

Even at the very beginning, in the first sentence, Goyert's translation for "invade" "herabsank" loses the crucial image; Zimmer's "eindrang" retains it Later, for "she had begun to like him", Goyert translates "und dann hatte sie ihn auch bald geliebt", asserting exactly what the original does not imply. Goyert is also too formal in his presentation of the colloquial and idiomatic elements of Eveline's thoughts and blurs the distinction from genuine authorial passages In fairness to Goyert, Gardt points out that Zimmer's translation profits from the increased temporal distance to the original and the body of secondary literature that has evolved.

The advantages of hindsight in translation are even more obvious in the case of Ulysses. In , apart from a motley collection of basically unhelpful critical statements - Gilbert's book did not appear until - Goyert had almost nothing to go on except a four-day meeting with the author, whose command of German was questionable Linguistic aspects of the translation of advertisements.

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  • Anthropologische Grundlagen, kulturelle Rahmenbedingungen und Formen der Übersetzung.
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Linguistic aspects of the translation of children's books. The English Freud translations: Traduire le langage du droit: Dolmetschwissenschaft Issues in research into conference interpreting.

The practice and theory of consecutive and simultaneous interpretation. Grundlagen und Grundfragen Translation research from a literary and cultural perspective: Literary translation as art. Literary style in translation: Vers und Prosa Versification and stanza formation: Towards a transfer approach. Dramatische Konventionen und Traditionen. Les mots et les images en traduction: By using the comment function on degruyter. A respectful treatment of one another is important to us. Early Theories of Translation. The Craft and Context of Translation.

Das Modell der literarischen Übersetzung

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