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From a theoretical perspective, we investigated the role that cultural factors influence consumer environmental concerns and behaviors. More importantly, while previous research focused on such differences at the country level we investigated such issues at the individual consumer level.

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Our findings are interesting and suggest the importance of examining such cultural factors at the individual level rather than just at the country level as well as signal the importance of examining the different role that such cultural factors play across different consumption contexts. Even for consumers in developing countries, like the United States, that are categorized as individualistic and mastery oriented societies are capable of being influenced by collectivism and harmony orientation at the individual level and within some contexts e.

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Good Intentions: Why Environmental Awareness Doesn't Lead to Green Behavior

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Sikhs and Environmental Consciousness

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Baker III. In an interview, Greenstone said the longstanding logic in such proposals is simple. He said the surprisingly strong preference for spending carbon-tax revenue on restoring the environment could offer a glimpse of a new approach to breaking political paralysis. Time will tell.

Politics, at the moment, is in widespread paralysis far beyond discussions of climate policy. Some scholars focused on environmental policy see such poll results, while encouraging, as assuming too much political power in public opinion on such issues.


Robert Brulle , a visiting professor of environment and society at Brown University, has studied the social dynamics of environmental policy fights for decades. In an interview, he said far too much hope is pinned by environmental groups and funders on shaping public opinion as a way to drive change in Washington. Fundamental structural issues around Congress, particularly, have blocked change even when the country is powerfully aligned, he said, citing the failure on even modest progress on gun control as one example.

The situation is even worse with a grand challenge like global warming, where stabilizing the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere would require emissions of the gas around the world to drop to zero in this century, even as the human population passes 9 billion people, all seeking decent lives.

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And Europe, while often hailed for green sensibilities, is nowhere near the track it pledged for emissions under the Paris Agreement on climate change, Brulle said. Something deeper is afoot.

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  7. The paper proposes that an emerging threat can only be addressed by reassessing longstanding social, personal, economic or political norms. Shifting behaviors can be difficult and go beyond individual choice to rethinking whole systems. Another result? Read Caption.