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Chocolate, coffee, Pepsi, cats, sunrises. Being interrupted when the creative juices are flowing. I'd go anywhere in history. I love history and would love to visit ancient Rome, Greece, Ireland, Scotland. Winner will be chosen on July 14th. A bit of a wild child, Elise grew up surrounded by literature. From classical works to fantasy, she's had the pleasure of reading it, writing it, and exploring the creative side of writing.

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Fearless in her writing, she creates worlds allowing readers to escape as well as experience relationships a bit less straitlaced and simple. Complexity and layers in her writing ensure she's always got a trick up her sleeve and the ink never dries. You can find Elise at the following places: Website: www. Detective Ethan Brant is on the hunt for a murderess who is seducing her victims and stealing collections of diamonds from each one. When the woman he suspects becomes his father's newest wife, Ethan's fears multiply. He's determined to protect his only remaining family member, no matter the cost.

All of his attention is focused on bringing the guilty party to justice. He has no time for, or interest in, women. But when he discovers a beautiful, young woman swimming at the lake on his father's property he feels an instant attraction. Cady Eldon's history with men taught her it was foolish to lose her heart to one. But when she meets Ethan, she can't ignore the fire that burns inside her, making her long for the feel of his skin against hers. Discovering that he's a police detective, she becomes intrigued. Why would a man whose family is wealthy want to live so humbly?

Her attraction to him, and her interest in the murder case he's working on, pulls them together on a journey north where they become entangled in the manipulative web of the murderess Ethan is chasing. Ethan and Cady soon learn just how cruel one woman's vanity can be and how she will stop at nothing to get the riches she believes she deserves. With the knowledge of the cybernetically enhanced, causing the populace to seek stronger, faster, and better warriors, a faction has determined they can use this opportunity to further their ends.

Senator Daniella Villede takes charge of a covert agency. Their mission is to investigate and close down those who'd overthrow the government.

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She's on the rise in her political career, but as conditions change, so does her role. Jonah McDowell is just the man to head up the security force. Drawn to Daniella, he fights against his attraction. She's his superior, a senator, and beyond his reach.

Content Warning: this story contains sexual content and violence but also hope for a future where love conquers evil. Forgotten by the high king, many of the immortal children face mortality. Now, as an ancient evil stirs, those once forsaken will be returned to their rightful place amongst their people and secure their futures. And many will find unexpected love along the way. Fallen: Demon Rai Brethor is a loner who has no intention of allowing anyone into his heart. He knows firsthand the pain of losing a mate. Police Corporal Jensen Bennet is drawn to the enigma of Rai as he investigates a rash of ritualistic murders.

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He knows there's more to Rai than what meets the eye. Can the demon and the human survive the enemy prowling the shadows or will it steal the happiness they deserve? Feral: Lykoan, a powerful immortal, is filled with grief and anger after his beloved is murdered. Reborn centuries after her death, Faelan, an Elemental Fey, is unaware of her former life and lover.

Can Lykoan win the heart of his mate or will his enemies once again steal his beloved's life away? Burning Rain: Reduced to little more than bloody entertainment, Kassiel is eager for death. Saved by a dragon shifter after being thrown out of his village, he finds himself surrounded by those who see value in him. Mali'x knows the pain of being tossed away. In Kassiel he finds his heart awakening. However, dark magic conspires to keep them apart. Kassiel will have to face his greatest fears and find a way to save not only himself but his lover.

Elemental's Heart: When Terra meets Aetius at a local Wiccan meeting she has no idea that the Master Elemental and the Enforcer of the gods has come there specifically to meet her. As they spend time together and begin to discover pieces of her heritage, they become smitten with each other. However, Aetius has a secret which might destroy her trust and put an end to their relationship. Will she think him a monster once she learns the truth? And will they be able to overcome the enemies they encounter on their journey—enemies who want nothing more than to destroy both of them?

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Vampire warrioress, Demetria has no interest in the war going on around her. She concerns herself with the lives of the children who have been displaced or tossed aside. A woman of secrets, she relies on her own wits to provide for her charges. Naga prince, Talas is drawn into the war of immortals by an unseen force. When he comes upon a fiery woman protecting a small group of children, he acts to protect.

He finds himself facing a woman unlike any he's ever known, one who holds the secrets to his future. Can a vampire and a naga find peace amid the carnage and chaos of war?

Xandra Book 5 : Escape from Paradise

And will they lose their hearts to each other in the process? Skarlet Kiss: Una, a human who has spent most of her life in service to the goddess Amuliana, stands on the brink of her destiny. Liam, an outcast among the dragon clans, seeks vengeance against those who wronged him. Together, they will risk everything for the sake of their future, fighting against odds that many would crumble under.

Enchanted Waves: Human attorney Tabitha Lock is haunted by dreams she can't understand. When a handsome stranger walks from the ocean and into her life, she's pulled into an immortal conflict unlike anything she's ever faced before. Can Jax save Tabitha from the evil closing in on them before it's too late, or will he lose his true mate? Dangerous Passions: Her nights stolen by a male voice whispering to her, Calypso, an ageless fey, leaves the safety of her home to hunt the one who stalks her dreams. Lucien is not what he seems to be on the surface.

If he can survive, he's destined for greatness. Together, Calypso and Lucien must face the ancient one who seeks to destroy them both. Child of Tempest: Wiccan, Xandra Carrington, is also a mortal doctor. When several citizens in the small village she lives in experience bizarre near-drowning incidents, she finds herself pulled into the conflict of the immortal world. Jian Akvo, a hot-shot author, arrives in town, a man of power and danger, one Xandra suspects is not to be trusted. She soon discovers he's a powerful water wizard. Can the wiccan and the wizard find balance before it's too late?

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Purchase Book at Kobo. Released from prison after serving five years for a crime he didn't commit, Dr. Jon Stephenson is left with the task of rebuilding his veterinarian business, finding his son, and bringing those who wronged him to justice. Not only had the love of Cat Morgan's life been sent to prison, but prior to his arrest he had broken her heart.

Needing a new start, she left town with Jon's young son. Unknown to Jon, she was pregnant at the time. Now she's a single mom to two young boys. She never expected to see Jon again, and now that he's shown up, demanding the opportunity to provide the father figure his sons need, she finds herself falling for him all over again. Actually, to be honest, she never stopped loving him. But will she ever be able to forgive his past indiscretions, and can they learn to trust each other again? A merchant's daughter and a destitute nobleman.

Can a marriage of convenience solve their problems? Miss Emma Brentry is happy with life, but she feels the time has come to marry. Her father, a wealthy glass merchant, has expectations of grandchildren, and Emma doesn't wish to disappoint him. Reluctantly, and somewhat halfheartedly, she begins the search for a husband. Aaron Trent, a gentleman of noble birth, returns to England fresh from the Napoleonic war with a scar and limp to prove it. During his absence, his estate, Windhurst Hall, has been pledged by his cousin at the gaming tables.