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Don't stare too long: why our feral, polluted canals are so beguiling | Cities | The Guardian

In the process, she emphasizes the relevance of the historical origins of populist revolt against finance capital and its political influence. American Idyll reveals the unlikely alliance between American pragmatism and proponents of the Frankfurt School and argues for the importance of broad frames of historical thinking in encouraging robust academic debate within democratic institutions. American Idyll shows that recent antielitism does nothing to redress the source of its discontent—namely, growing economic inequality and diminishing social mobility.

Instead, pseudopopulist rage, in conservative and countercultural forms alike, has been transformed into resentment, content merely to take down allegedly elitist cultural forms without questioning the real political and economic consolidation of powers that has taken place in America during the past thirty years. Selected pages Title Page.

Table of Contents. Contents Acknowledgments.

In Pictures: Till the cows come home - Protecting Hong Kong’s feral cattle and buffaloes

Populist Idylls Cultural Politics. Cupchik - Author Ven.

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This book argues that greater prominence should be given to his early work in legal Explores the civic activism of the Palestinian minority in Israel for a better understanding of the relationship between civic activism and democratization in ethnic states.

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Just like me! No, really, this guy is good. Selected pages Title Page.

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Table of Contents. Contents Title Page.

In Pictures: Till the cows come home – Protecting Hong Kong’s feral cattle and buffaloes

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