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In other words, I use Good Questions as sort of an "outside the box" resource to give me a. Good Questions have groups talking. Answers are provided in the from of short quotes from well-known commentators and Christian writers. Your Bible study group will love these lessons. Best good questions have small groups talking trustworthy sayings ebooks. Get good questions have small groups talking trustworthy sayings ebook now. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. Talking -- Trustworthy Sayings file. Many people who consider themselves spiritually mature love to talk about.

We discuss this second trustworthy saying from Paul to help us evaluate our own life goals and aspirations. And today a group of people known as the Jesus Seminar tell us that huge that the Bible contains the best documented text of any volume in human history.

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Both Christians and Jews were confirmed in their faith in the trustworthiness of the This is a question asked by those who are racing through life with little time for. Devotions by students who've looked to God's word for life-changing answers. Here are devotions written by students who've had similar questions—and who' ve Here is a trustworthy saying that deserves full acceptance: Christ Jesus came My mom works with a group that goes to local prisons to share about God.

This guide is to help you facilitate discussion with your Small Group. Use it as a resource to..

Ask: Why is it easy to question God in these situations? Like us humans do all the time. Why the sacrifice needed? Why the blood shed? And oh what a sacrifice if you get to come back to life in less than 48 hours. Just forgive them all? Would that be justice?

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People have limited resources and limited life spans but they can get over issues and forgive a lot better than your god thingy in many cases. The God of the Bible story drowned the world? Would you forgive him? Making him and others like Stalin pay for the countless deaths and suffering from the POV of each victim and preventing them of going insane. Once ended, if they beg pardon pardoning them in return.

Also… you asked what to do with Hitler. I would have stopped him. Punishing him after the fact does nothing for the victims. Stopping him would have. Any atheist would invent a hell far more just than what your asshole of a god created. You know, you can just stop, right? I was an atheist once.

Been there and got the T-Shirt. It comes and goes with circumstances. Indeed, Christians can expect to suffer in this life. What God does promise is peace with God and eternal life.

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The OT makes clear that God is an asshole. You must clear away that obstacle first. Talking to you is like shooting fish in a barrel. Hairy, you seem to have no problem making s moral judgement about God. Where do you get moral truth from? Jesus Christ willingly gave himself as a sacrifice. He is God, just as is the Father and the Holy Spirit. In the cross of Christ we see how serious are sines are to a holy God, his love and mercy, and his justice. So rather than addressing the point I was obviously making you just spit out your religious creed like a doll with a pull string.

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Jesus could have just as easily given himself as a sacrifice without requiring belief in him. What a failure! Why would a god thingy put requirements on forgiveness that only gullible people would accept? He also lets the Serpent infiltrate into the Garden and the punishment for eating the damned fruit falls into Adam and Eve when God has a lot of responsability for the mess. Fast forward. God has to sacrifice his son to fix a mess caused by Him and that could have been resolved by other means. Not a bad summary of some of the details, Alec. God does all this to glorify himself through the redemption of a fallen creation.

Yup, in the end we are lowly creatures of rebellion who deserve to be squashed like bugs, but God displays his goodness by suffering himself for those that he chose in the very beginning to save. We are fragile, fallen creatures that live 80 years or so. The average human in history has had a miserable existence.

We know of God. All of us. Even if we deny it his laws are written into our conscience. We knowingly break those laws. So we are responsible.

Top 20 Most Damning Bible Contradictions

Our prominent sin is to reject the God that is and create one in our own image. Why would that be so? Are you your own moral authority? I told you more than once that I cannot solve the solipsism problem and neither can you. I can only react to the reality that is presented to me and work out what hurts and what feels good in that perceived reality. Things we like are good. Those are descriptive words in the language I know that is used in this perceived reality. That is pathologically sadistic. A person who helps old ladies cross the street but tortures children to death in his basement for fun is not a good person despite outward appearances.

You seem to have no difficulty assessing what is good and evil. But based upon what source of truth?

In your worldview we are just a cosmic accident. So if I understand what you are saying, your feelings determine your morality? What if I feel differently? Who is right and who is wrong? My senses and others senses which can apparently be enhanced by technology. Senses honed by evolution would be reliable enough. If they were totally unreliable, they would not have been beneficial and would be selected against as a waste of energy.

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I am right according to my morality and you are right according to your morality. If it is something that we both feel is worth fighting over, we would have to fight. If not, we respect one another and move on. There is no absolute or objective morality. If there was an objective morality, you could just show how you got the knowledge.