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Finely sliced radishes are a classic garnish at many Mexican restaurants, and the flavor and texture pairs well with fresh tomatoes in this dip. Karen Lee at The Tasty Bite offers this bonus tip: drain off the extra liquid before serving, to avoid sogginess and unwanted drips. Get the recipe here. This classic green sauce is a favorite on tortilla chips. Try pouring it over scrambled eggs or oven-baked enchiladas for a delicious brunch or dinner dish. What makes it green? This salsa incorporates cilantro and jalapeno, plus roasted tangy tomatillos.

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Another example of categorical overlap, this is the Waldorf Salad of salsas. A combination of vegetables and fruit with more of these to come, later in the list , celery is the star ingredient. Crunchy, tangy granny smith apples are a close second. This is a fall favorite, perfect for putting out on the table to snack throughout a long Sunday afternoon of football watching.

Or, pack it up and bring it with you to the tailgate party. Tossed with apple cider vinegar and Dijon mustard, Kristy Leigh says her unique dip is delicious served with pan-fried pork chops , game, or even a fresh salad. Grilled asparagus is delicious on its own, alongside a grilled steak, or atop a salad. But have you ever tried using it as an ingredient in another dish? Super simple — all of your classic salsa ingredients, plus asaparagus.


But we love this one for chip dipping as well or eating straight out of the bowl. Elote, or Mexican-style corn on the cob, is usually slathered with mayonnaise and then sprinkled with spicy red pepper, lime, and crumbly cheese. And this salsa version of that popular street food is downright delicious, made with the usual lime juice, crumbled cotija cheese, and chili powder, plus red onion, roasted red peppers, jalapenos, and garlic powder.

Get the recipe here, on Chocolate for Basil. These pair perfectly with the delicate flavors of fish entrees, but they make a delicious topping for tacos too. Or, you can always serve these on their own with a big bowl of chips. Paired with a dollop of cooling sour cream or Greek yogurt, this salsa is the perfect accompaniment to spicy pork tacos.

Get the recipe now on Foodal. Bordering on fruit salad, this one is super flavorful, and packed with nutrients. Nicole Coudal shares the recipe on My Delicious Blog. This unique combination features the flavors of fall. Carol Peterson shares the recipe over on Abundant Harvest Kitchen.

A fresh citrus salsa is wonderful at any time of year, but it can be particularly delicious during the winter months when fresh citrus is in season in warmer climes, like Florida and California. The acid of the fruit partnered with creamy, ripe avocado complements the flavor of buttery fish nicely. Sweet, tropical flavors create such a nice contrast with spice and salt. Another tropical option, this one is featured alongside caramelized pork tacos.

Of course, pineapple and pork is a classic combination, probably best known in tacos al pastor. At first I thought it was just advertising.

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Easy Red Salsa

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Best Homemade Salsa. Share Tweet Pin I have finally made an edible and yummy salsa. Holy cow! Thank you! I have been looking for a simple, flavorful, and delicious salsa recipe and this is it! Thank you for this and all your recipes! I am looking forward to making this again and adding some pineapple or mango! We just made the salsa and used sweet corn instead of sugar, delicious! I wanted to know if you think this will freeze well? I hope so!! I made a double batch!! Store leftovers in a well-sealed container in the refrigerator up to 1 week or in the freezer up to 1 month.

Make it, seriously. I have used this recipe almost weekly now for a couple months. Very easily the best salsa recipe I have found. Dana, this recipe is amazing! Tastes better than the Lone Star restaurant chips and salsa we love and half the price! So easy to make too. Those fire roasted tomatoes really made the dish.

I have now made this twice, with my husband already asking when I will make it again. We live in Texas, so chips and salsa is pretty much a required appetizer for any social function. Thanks so much, Dana! Just like the salsa at my favorite Mexican restaurant. Had virtually no heat. Leave the seeds in the peppers if you want heat. Easy to cook and looks very tasty. Keep sharing such tasty recipes with us. This salsa was quick, easy, and really great! I made it to go with tacos and taco salad. It does make a large amount of salsa though, so I froze half for another time in the future.

I just want to say your pictures are amazing. They are beautiful and instructional. Thanks David. This was super easy and it makes a lot. Mirella and Panos.

Best Red Salsa Recipe (Ready in 10 Minutes) - Cookie and Kate

Hmm I am not sure. You can also roast your own over an open flame until almost charred — same effect! I made this tonight to go with enchiladas.

3 Totally Weird But Totally Delicious Salsa Recipes

This is the best fresh salsa using the fire roasted tomatoes. Great flavors in this salsa! Thanks for the recipe. You are my hero! Keeping this recipe in my back pocket all summer long. Your photography lately is just slaying me girl, you are so incredible! This looks so flavorful!