Kosten- und Performance Management: Grundlagen - Instrumente - Fallstudie (German Edition)

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If your expectation is a class with lectures to randomly attend, this might not be your first choice. What you can expect from us is a fun and rewarding atmosphere in class paired with optional Founder Talks and Startup Lounges evening events throughout the semester to get in touch with lots of role models, business models and a fair chance to develop your networks. Overall, you can expect a perfect introduction to central theories in entrepreneurship and the Startup Ecosystem at and around the University of Mannheim and beyond. Side note on choosing MAN vs.

You should, however, not choose MAN if you Our interactive style of teaching and a wealth of readings will get you frustrated — focus is set on understanding concepts rather than memorizing them. Students will learn tools to analyze and develop business models and how to tweak them towards growth.

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They solve real-life challenges in new ventures in a project format and learn first-hand what it is like to work in a startup by gaining real startup experience. By being temporally part of a startup team, they will acquire managerial skills and gain familiarity with problem solving in practice.

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Team work experience, profound presentation and consulting skills are also core learning outcomes of this class. Contents: You do not think inside the box and love working on challenging projects? Next to studying, you are eager to apply your knowledge in the real world and learn from startup teams on the project? You like new ideas and love their execution? You want to dive deeper into the anatomy of business models and get the unit economics right? Then you should opt for Entrepreneurial Spirit. The course is a new format to foster startup growth, entrepreneurial culture and to advance the startup ecosystem at and around the University of Mannheim.

With their expertise, the students support the startups in improving their products, services and business models and help them to be more competitive. We will work with real companies in this course and you will actively contribute to their growth. Thus, high dedication, willingness to take over responsibilities and professionalism are a prerequisite.

There are two tracks in MAN One for students who have no startup project yet and one for students individual or founding team who work on their own advanced startup project. MAN helps to advance startups in our network by sending students teams as a task force Inside the Venture Track but also helps students with an advanced startup idea to reach their next milestones and gain support in a course format Own Venture Track.

For both tracks, the course starts with an initial educational full-day workshop. The initial workshop is the same for both tracks and provides hands-on tools to assess, structure and solve startup challenges.

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  7. Following this educational element, the students form interdisciplinary teams of and solve challenges in real ventures. Experienced MCEI coaches will work closely with the student consulting teams to make sure that they are on track to maximize their learning experience while simultaneously permitting the teams to have as much fun as possible.

    Inside the Venture Track for students with no own startup Offers students who have no own startup but want to experience the startup world an excellent opportunity to work at eye-level with an experienced real-world startup team. Assisted by an experienced MCEI coach, the students carry out joint projects with the startup after a needs analysis.

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    The startups are recruited via our extensive MCEI network. Own Venture Track for students who already work on their advanced startup project Further advance your own startup in class. Your performance appraisal will be according to milestones set at the beginning of class and you will receive continuous counseling by MCEI coaches. Please approach the instructors upon course registration to sort out whether your startup project is eligible for our Own Venture Track. This offer is for advanced startup projects only — you can start greenfield i.

    The direct integration of the students into the startups within the framework of the course enables a joint action-oriented learning experience on both sides. In addition, we strengthen the startup community, promote startup companies and potential startups, integrate startups directly into the university's offerings and support the transfer of knowledge and technology between the university and the economy.

    Internalizing the factors which make for success in starting a business with an international market focus. Team-building to create new international business designs which confront either resource scarcity or high tech design challenges. Working with GEM comparisons of national competitiveness and considering which government policies and global business cycles are most conducive to helping entrepreneurs set up new ventures.

    Learning models of adapting to globalization project both from the developing to the developed countries as well as from the rich to the poor. The course focuses on the knowledge and skills necessary for developing a new global business. Models of managing international change are the basis. Formal : Keine Inhaltlich : Keine spezifischen. Written examination 60 min. In the first part of the module international dimension , we examine the impact of national context on HRM and discuss basic HRM functions in international organizations.

    Topics include international recruiting and selection, training and development, compensation, and employee relations. In the second part of the module strategic dimension , we focus on the dynamics of HRM systems. Various approaches of how singular HRM practices conceptually and empirically form bundles are considered.

    By the end of the module, students: will be able to select and implement appropriate performance measures, are familiar with formal performance appraisals, understand the link between pay and performance, are able to analyze the effectiveness of incentives both theoretically and empirically, and are able to design performance management systems.

    Based on the performance management process, the course covers performance measurement and monitoring, key performance management tools, and implementation of performance management systems targeted at employees in organizations. Furthermore, the course investigates the role of incentives in organizations, both theoretically and empirically from a psychological and economic perspective. Students will acquire specific knowledge about the challenges faced by corporate centers of MNCs.

    After completion of the course, students should have developed a thorough understanding of the value creation opportunities for corporate centers. In this course, we will critically reflect upon the role of corporate centers of multinational companies MNCs. A particular emphasis will be placed on the challenges faced by corporate centers and their opportunities for value creation in their quest to turn a conglomerate discount into a conglomerate premium. In this module, students will independently work on, elaborate, and present issues regarding the challenges and limits of Corporate Social Responsibility CSR.

    The course places special emphasis on the effective communication of insights using appropriate media. Through the dialogue with relevant organizations and interview partners, groups of students will work on questions related to practice. By employing qualitative research techniques, they will thereby advance the current discussion regarding CSR. The students will present their insights by creating video documentaries, which will be shown and discussed in class and will be the basis for grading.

    The class will not meet weekly but for a small number of extended sessions. To apply for this course, please go on our website , fill out the form and send it to verbuecheln bwl. There are no prerequisites for this seminar.

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    Within the seminar, students take on the role of a social entrepreneur. The students learn how digital technologies can contribute to the solution of ecological and social problems and thus promote social innovation. Furthermore, students will be enabled to integrate concepts of digitalization and social innovation into new business models and to discuss them from a scientific and practical perspective. In cooperation with SocEnt BW and SAP, this seminar gives students insights into the areas of digitalization, sustainability, and social entrepreneurship.

    During the seminar, students work in teams of approx. The students gain a deeper understanding of the potential of digital technology to remedy social and environmental problems. At the end of the seminar, the students pitch their ideas at the final event in front of a jury of practitioners.

    The best idea will receive an award. Moreover, key competences such as presentation competence, working with academic papers and team competences shall be acquired. Formal: - Inhaltlich: Helmig, B. Each semester a focus topic in the area of nonprofit management is chosen and discussed.

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    This is done by analyzing scientific papers and by discussing practical examples, cases and project work. Formal: - Recommended: Rosenbloom, D. For each semester, we choose and discuss a focus topic in the area of public management. For this purpose, we analyze scientific papers, discuss practical examples, conduct cases studies and do project work.

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    Formal: - Recommended: Helmig, B. Blanke, B. World-wide public and nonprofit organizations make an important contribution to society.