Lets Pray for Families

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Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid. Tear down the strongholds that restrict them from knowing You. Help them to realize they can find love, joy, peace , happiness and rest within You and You alone. Set their hearts and minds to focus diligently on You and to seek You persistently.

Prayer for Families

Remind them that You are always near and they can cast their every burden upon You to find rest. Allow us to execute love and happiness towards one another as we embrace Your gentle spirit. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world. But letting the Spirit control your mind leads to life and peace. Should be neutralize. Glory be to God ,for financial breakthrough. I have strong believe. Please pray for me I am suffering from severe gastritis with ulcers in the stomach, please for my healing. Please pray for pease in my home.

Dear Father God. We thank you Lord,for bring peace in our homes. Bless us with Your love,give us strength and ever present help in trouble. We pray that today,dear Father God. Bless our homes with peace. Bless us all have a good family. Grant them strength to through their trial times. In Jesus blessed name. We all are blessed. We all are healthy. Thank You Father,for bless our family with peace of God and protecting them against all evil. In Jesus mighty name we pray.

Amen and Amen. I declare Peace Lord Jesus over me and my family and anyone who is hurting out in the world as well I am a witness, a vessell for I have a testimony. Walk by faith not by sight, Into the sea I throw all the worries and anxities I rebuke the devil and have the full body of armor on. I am healed by the blood of Jesus. I claim this all, please agree with me Christian TT family. I can do nothing without Gods Love and yours! I claim agreement, victory is ours! Father you are greater than all and no one can compare to you, father Lord i thank you for my life today and the life of my family and friends Lord Jesus Christ have mercy on us and forgive us our sins and take total control over us, Lord God give us the strength to love you and all fellow home being in Jesus mighty name i pray Amen.

I pray for peace in my mind calmness , strength, understanding and love, I pray for peace, long life, blessings, calmness, prosperity and love with my mother , myself and my sisters and my son. My nephew and my nieces. Lord with men things may seem impossible but with you, all are possible , Lord I thank you for my life, and my families life thank you for blessing us with health and strength and everything.

Father I pray that you intervene touch our hearts and mind. Give my mother understanding to seek and find you. Father I pray that you send me a God fearing, hard working healthy mind body and soul husband who will love and respect me, and I will love and respect and bear healthy children and save deliveries and have a content and peaceful home, father I pray you make a way for me so I will be able to help my families.

In Jesus mighty name.

In Jesus might name I pray. Please pray for peace in my family. No one can get alone and my brother calls in false reports to the police. Every tounge that rises against me or my family shall be shown in the wrong. No EVIL shall come in our dwelling because we are blessed going in and we are blessed going out. God,I ask you in the name of your only son Jesus Christ to bring peace to this family.

Prayer for Family

Any Goliath that rises against us I ask you to fight for is. Vindicate us from those who judge us and bless there hearts so that they will believe in you. Satan and Fear alone with anxiety is a liar. We shall prosper, we shall do your will God and nothing can harm us in Jesus Name. We praise You our dear Heavenly Father,for You are our Lord God,is faithful about everything and merciful in everything. We thank you for bless us all today and always. Dear God,We pray that today, Please bring peace in our family. Bring us all have good family and Happy Family.

We break every chain. Thank you Lord Jesus,for always good for us all,bring joy and peace in our homes. Amen and Amen.. Now help me leave peacefully, succeeding in all that you have placed in me. Thank you Jesus.

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For beeing my God. You never fail. Oh, kind and loving heavenly Father, my immediate family were taken away from me by divorce and my extended family are distant. Father, please unite me with my family once again and free us all from loneliness, isolation, and rejection. Please bless me and all members of my family with love and understanding for each other, and bestow upon us, your Grace, Love, and Mercy, now and always. Please everyone reading this, pray for my babies father.

He is not a believer and he has so much strife and angst in his life and it has trickled over in to mine. I pray for him everyday for him to come to know Jesus.. I have even prayed that God speak to him in a dream because he gets very ugly and mean when I try to share the Gospel with him. His name is Jonathan. I believe that if soldiers for Christ everywhere pray for him, God will answer! He always help us all. Dear God,We ask You today,please give us and our family peace in our homes. And please give us a Happy Family,in Jesus name,Amen.

Thank you Lord Jesus,for everything You have done for us all. In Jesus mighty name we. The enemy is all around us.

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  6. Do not let the fiery darts of Satan, take control of your peace of mind. Cover yourself with the Blood of Jesus. Though we all are not perfect, we are strong, happy and united as a family. And we thank God for His abundant blessings. Heavenly Father, we thank You greatly for our families. We lift up every family and bring them in Your loving care.

    Only when our families are right can we step into the world to love and serve others, in Your name. His descendants will be mighty on earth. The generation of the upright will be blessed. We pray that parents start the habit of prayer and get children involved from a young age in family prayer.

    1. Pray that your kids connect with God.

    We pray they take this responsibility seriously and conscientiously with great care, love and joy. May parents instill a little time everyday, in strict discipline, to gather in Praise and Worship in Your name. May parents realize that prayer is the foundation where the family strives in uniting in peace and love and building a relationship with You Lord our God and with one another. A family that has their focus in family prayer has the Lord Jesus as their foundation.

    They will never be shaken and they will withstand all the storms of life in a spirit of faith and hope. We pray too that families learn to grow in fellowship and establish trust in a relationship with Lord Jesus and discipline themselves in a Christian way of life.