Militarist Millionaire Peacenik: Memoir of a Serial Entrepreneur

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A PhD mathematician, Dr. Kay invented the field of public interest opinion research and was a pioneer investor in socially responsible and solar energy businesses with his partner, Henderson.

New American Militarism

Kay spent seven months in Tokyo as a Japanese language interpreter in occupied Japan Kay awakened to the sad state of politics and governance. Dr Kay was an investor and advisor to start-up companies pioneering energy efficiency and pollution control technologies. He was an early sports writer for the Boston Globe and Boston Herald In , he established the art and science of public-interest polling. Though war and peace are big themes in this book, my life experiences as a serial entrepreneur extended to other roles too.

The unlikely but true story of why and how I obtained a PhD in mathematics from Harvard in is presented in Chapter 6, "Course Correction. Chapter 9 tells the story of my company, AutEx, that well before the Internet, was the first to link competitive companies in various industries with their suppliers and customers for on-line transactions. Chapter 13 covers my most important, non-commercial activity aside perhaps from waging peace , the missing link of democracy, a practical way to get the voice of the public accurately, fairly, and consistently, into the heads of our political leaders.

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Locating Consensus. A Ten-Year U. Are you an activist for a good cause? Few of us do as much as needed to really make the world a better place or to avoid it getting worse.

For many, opting out of activism comes from lack of money, energy or time. As for "keeping democracy alive and elections honest," that strikes many as the hardest of all the do-good things to do. To read the book online where key words can be searched and chapters printed, visit The Polling Critic.

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Stanley B. Daniel Yankelovich, author, Coming to Public Judgement "Alan Kay is an American original -- a mathematician with a Harvard PhD, an inventor, a highly successful entrepreneur, a political populist, and most recently, an innovator in the field of survey research. My hat is off to him for his contribution as a citizen as well as for his impressive professional contribution.

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Yet the citizens' vision comes through clearly. What might we have accomplished had America been guided in the nineties by his polls, not Dick Morris's? Face it, he laid down the gauntlet.

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  • If he will not negotiate with this terrorist, what will he do? Dengler is the ultimate peacenik.

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    Jerry B. Jenkins, She earned the name "Betty the Peacenik " in , when simultaneously she was the Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow and a leader of Frances Moore Lappe, Insisting he was no peacenik afraid to deploy the military, Obama boasted about a string of military operations that took high-ranking Al-Qaeda When her past and present cross paths for a split second, this reality begins to slide as her seemingly liberal, peacenik circle of family and friends take on board Putin likes to pick on certain peacenik Presidents.

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    From his tenure as an army interpreter in postwar occupied Japan and his years as a mathematician and engineer on Defense Department projects during the early days of the Cold War, Kay garnered lessons in how to conduct military and intelligence operations in a humane, honorable, and scientifically oriented manner.

    As a "serial entrepreneur" who built his fortune on anticipating the telecommunications revolution of the s and '70s-indeed, in anticipating the Internet itself-Kay discovered how a focused creativity can create entire new markets.

    As a worker for world peace who joined nuclear-disarmament missions to the Soviet Union in the s, Kay saw how open-mindedness and a willingness to embrace our fellows across our common ground is necessary for long-term accord. Here, in his cheerful but frank autobiography, Kay shares the wisdom of his life as a militarist, millionaire, and peacenik. Help Centre. Be the first to write a review.