Science Fair Warm-Up, Grades 7–10: Learning the Practice of Scientists

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You get Free Gizmos to teach with. See the full list. Access lesson materials for Free Gizmos. Free Gizmos. Login Help? Student Class Enrollment. Enroll in Class. You need a modern browser or flash to view this video. Explore the Library. Systems of Linear Inequalities Slope-intercept form The solution to a system of equations, on a graph, is any point or points where the curves intersect. Do you think your students could explain the meaning of that solution, and why it looks like it does?

The Systems of Linear Inequalities Slope-intercept form Gizmo is perfect for just that—attaching meaning to the solution.

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The Gizmo first allows students to graph each line as usual, and select an inequality symbol for each. Shading appears, above or below each line, as you would expect. Students will see that, when the point is in the unshaded area, both inequalities are false. In the red-only or blue-only areas, just one inequality is true. But in the double-shaded area both inequalities are true. It is the set of all points that make both inequalities true.

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If students get that concept, they will be grasping one of the truly big ideas in algebra. Go to Gizmo! Gizmo of the Week Systems of Linear Inequalities Slope-intercept form The solution to a system of equations, on a graph, is any point or points where the curves intersect. Read More. Build deep conceptual understanding Gizmos use an inquiry-based approach to learning that has been validated by extensive research as a highly effective way to build conceptual understanding.

Students present this field data to support the benefits of biodiesel. Our booth, as in years past, will demonstrate the step-by-step process of biodiesel synthesis, discuss the advantages of biodiesel over petroleum and outline the ease of production. Our bodies have the phenomenal ability to recognize hundreds of living entities that cause disease, known as pathogens, to attack them, and to keep us healthy.

At our all-ages friendly booth, UCSD Biology scientists will explain parts of the immune system that are responsible for keeping us healthy and answer any questions you may have. Come learn how this amazing network recognizes and defends your body against foreign invaders!

Birch Aquarium at Scripps Institution of Oceanography Guests will test, build, and design their own Cartesian diver using principles of buoyancy in relation to fish. They will be able to define and understand the concept of buoyancy, explain how a fish moves up and down in the water column, and engage in the scientific process. The activity will have fish and shark diagrams to show how these animals stay buoyant, bins filled with water to test buoyancy of "divers", and the opportunity for guests to design and test their own cartesian divers.

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Boz Institute 1. Transform the agave plant into a DNA sequence and explore biodiversity of closely related plants. Tiny translucent worms may hold answers to human health and longevity. Observe them under the microscope and find out why. Sea urchins and fish have much in common with humans.

Observe egg fertilization and early embryo development of purple urchin and zebrafish. Gender differences affect decision making. Identify female and male fruit flies and learn why they scientists study them. You'll use your powers of observation to recognize and understand native plants and pollinators, and how invasive species impact our environment. There will be a station with live local plants and a pollinator box, plus an activity that simulates the sensory systems of ants through identifying their "pheromones".

Be a scientist with the National Park Service! We will have a booth and pop up next to the bus.

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Students will be able to experience a Maker and Robotics activity outside the bus and a tour of the bus. City of San Diego - Public Utilities Department There will be interactive displays explaining the waste water cycle, and the City's ocean monitoring program. For example, the "down the drain game" teaches children what not to put down "the drain", and on the marine biology side, they can operate an ocean water sampler and examine preserved specimens of marine animals. The goal is to educate people about the waste water treatment process and remind them that what they do at home affects ocean life and the natural environment.

Booth visitors can play a "Water You Know" trivia game to win prizes. Code Ninjas In our booth, our guests will be able to learn about out what Code Ninjas is all about; a new center where kids ages can come to have fun while learning how to code. Coding With Kids Titanium Sponsors: 10' x 10' booth includes 1 table, 2 chairs We will use the space to bring chromebooks to demonstrate to kids and families the kind of curriculum we offer. Corning Life Sciences Corning Life Sciences will have hands-on tools for attendees to try out liquid pipetting and a color mixing station where attendees can try using the pipets to create new color solutions.

EcoVivarium Hands-on interaction with reptiles and arthropods. We invite the public to meet, interact, and explore our relationship with nature through these amazing Ambassador Animals. Unique demonstration of reptile animal behaviors. Building water molecules, tattoos, simulated water toss. We will have a scientific poster and 3-d models of the protein Aquaporin. Kids are you ready to be a scientist?

Come find out what the Elementary Institute of Science is all about! Fleet Science Center Watch, build, imagine, launch, design, create, laugh and learn! Fun For All Ages.

Frontier Water Systems Frontier Water Systems will demonstrate some of the engineering and design which goes into the creation of our equipment and Bioreactors. We will get kids from the audience to help build it. We will then loft balls into the crowd soft foam balls - same concept as last year but with a slingshot. We are also thinking of having another short demo.

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Will be in touch with Heather to confirm. Last year we did the exploding fizzing rockets.

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Once trained, educators schedule time on the radio telescope for their class to collect data on a strong radio source. Hologic, Inc. Intercept Pharmaceuticals, Inc. We will discuss inpatient pharmacy, outpatient pharmacy, mail order pharmacy and where our community can go to safely dispose of unwanted medications. The purpose of this booth will be to provide general pharmacy education to youth in our community. We will have pharmacists, pharmacy students and pharmacy residents at our booth available to answer questions for pursuing a pharmacy career.

We will have multiple types of microscopes onboard enabling participants to visualize the microscopic work of marine phytoplankton. Lilly Booth size for Krypton Sponsorship. Mad Science of San Diego We make it our mission to spark imaginative learning! Mad Science is the leading science enrichment provider for children in preschool through 6th grade. Discover the forces that act on roller coasters as we simulate what happens when they spin upside down. See combustion in action as our roaring exothermic reaction lights up the stage.

In our finale, brave volunteers will help activate an enormous erupting foam volcano! Magnolia Science Academy Our students will be showcasing their award-winning future city model at the expo.