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What exactly is an Awakening? They occur when something so profoundly changes the world that all of the old rules no longer apply.

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A powerful new order arrives, completely unexpected and without warning, and things are never the same again. Today, humanity stands on the cusp of the Fourth Awakening. The First Awakening… occurred approximately , years ago when Homo Sapiens emerged in East Africa, but it took another , years for things to begin to get interesting. The Second Awakening… saw the emergence of spoken language, early shamans, and great myths being told around the campfire. For the first time, early humans became self aware and while still considering themselves a part of nature they understood they were now different.

In the middle of the Second Awakening we saw rudimental art in the form of cave drawings and crude figurines…and with it the first indications that humanity is deeply interconnected.

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The last great ice age ended with the perfect storm for human development. As is the case with every Awakening, something clicked on inside us. During the Second Awakening, humanity began to perceive the future and past in new ways that enabled planning.

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Fourteen thousand years ago, this allowed us to begin to plant crops and keep livestock which in turn allowed for larger fixed population centers. As the food supply grew and became more predictable there was a population explosion and a series of cultural revolutions. During the last part of the Second Awakening the changes in mankind were stunning. In a clear example of universal consciousness, many completely independent cultures around the world went through their own Bronze and Iron Age at approximately the same time.

The Third Awakening… began around 3, years ago. It saw the rise of all modern religions, as well as science.

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Between BC and BC, there was a religious explosion. At the same time Taoism was being followed by Confucianism in China. The Fourth Awakening… is just beginning. This is the one you get to participate in whether you like it or not. All of the previous awakenings have one thing in common, they relate to thought. When we think, we think in symbols. The Fourth Awakening brings a new mode of being with it, one that goes beyond symbols and beyond thought.

Glimpses of it have been written about for thousands of years. Are you ready? The Spanish language version can be found here. It debuted as the 1 Foreign Language book on Amazon and has been the top seller in many other categories. The primary character, like so many before her, has started down the path toward enlightenment but has lost her way.

Throughout this fast-paced thriller are gentle clues and suggestions that readers can use to advance their personal growth. While each Chronicle is a stand-alone episode that can be read independently, it is a part of a much larger and continuing story which is easier to understand and follow if it is read in sequential order. He is a middle-aged, confirmed bachelor with no religious moorings.

Turnbull walked away from a tenured position at Harvard and started a controversial publishing empire focusing on books about enlightenment and personal development. In the process, she makes the startling discovery of the identity of the real puppet master in this game of intrigue.

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Gabe Indweller spent over a decade serving his country in Black Ops. When he foolishly volunteered for a government experiment that ended badly all he got for his troubles was 8 months in a coma. With his skill set and his new found awareness, the people caring for him viewed him with the same mixed emotions Dr. Frankenstein must have felt towards his creation. Prophet Idealist generations enter childhood during a High , a time of rejuvenated community life and consensus around a new societal order.

Prophets grow up as the increasingly indulged children of this post-Crisis era, come of age as self-absorbed young crusaders of an Awakening, focus on morals and principles in midlife, and emerge as elders guiding another Crisis. Nomad Reactive generations enter childhood during an Awakening , a time of social ideals and spiritual agendas, when young adults are passionately attacking the established institutional order. Nomads grow up as under-protected children during this Awakening, come of age as alienated , post-Awakening young adults, become pragmatic midlife leaders during a Crisis, and age into resilient post-Crisis elders.

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Hero Civic generations enter childhood after an Awakening , during an Unraveling , a time of individual pragmatism, self-reliance, and laissez-faire. Heroes grow up as increasingly protected post-Awakening children, come of age as team-oriented young optimists during a Crisis, emerge as energetic, overly-confident midlifers, and age into politically powerful elders attacked by another Awakening. Generation , Millennials. Artist Adaptive generations enter childhood after an Unraveling, during a Crisis , a time when great dangers cut down social and political complexity in favor of public consensus, aggressive institutions, and an ethic of personal sacrifice.

Artists grow up overprotected by adults preoccupied with the Crisis, come of age as the socialized and conformist young adults of a post-Crisis world, break out as process-oriented midlife leaders during an Awakening, and age into thoughtful post-Awakening elders. Note 0 : Strauss and Howe base the turning start and end dates not on the generational birth year span, but when the prior generation is entering adulthood. A generation "coming of age" is signaled by a "triggering event" that marks the turning point and the ending of one turning and the beginning of the new.

For example, the "triggering event" that marked the coming of age for the Baby Boom Generation was the Assassination of John F. This marked the end of a first turning and the beginning of a second turning. This is why turning start and end dates don't match up exactly with the generational birth years, but they tend to start and end a few years after the generational year spans. This also explains why a generation is described to have "entered childhood" during a particular turning, rather than "born during" a particular turning. Note 1 : According to Strauss and Howe their generational types have appeared in Anglo-American history in a fixed order for more than years with one hitch, occurring in the Civil War Saeculum.

They say the reason for this is because according to the chart, the Civil War came about ten years too early; the adult generations allowed the worst aspects of their generational personalities to come through; and the Progressives grew up scarred rather than ennobled. Note 2 : Strauss and Howe initially used the name "13th Generation" in their book Generations , which was published mere weeks before Douglas Coupland 's Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture was, but later adopted "Generation X" when it became the more widely accepted term for the cohort.

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The generation is so numbered because it is the thirteenth generation alive since American Independence counting back until Benjamin Franklin's. Note 3 : Although there is as yet no universally accepted name for this generation, "Millennials", a term Strauss and Howe coined, has become the most widely accepted. Note 4 : New Silent Generation was a proposed holding name used by Howe and Strauss in their demographic history of America, Generations , to describe people whose birth years began in the mids with an ending point around the mids. Howe now refers to them as the Homelanders.

The absence of any attempt to constrict consumer spending through taxes or rationing and the tax cuts of the time suggest that any Crisis Era may have begun, if at all, later, as after Hurricane Katrina or the Financial Meltdown of The basic length of both generations and turnings—about twenty years—derives from longstanding socially and biologically determined phases of life. As long as the transition to adulthood occurs around age 20, the transition to midlife around age 40, and the transition to old age around age 60, they say the basic length of both generations and turnings will remain the same.

In their book, The Fourth Turning, however, Strauss and Howe say that the precise boundaries of generations and turnings are erratic. The generational rhythm is not like certain simple, inorganic cycles in physics or astronomy , where time and periodicity can be predicted to the second. Instead, it resembles the complex, organic cycles of biology, where basic intervals endure but precise timing is difficult to predict.

Strauss and Howe compare the saecular rhythm to the four seasons, which they say similarly occur in the same order, but with slightly varying timing. Just as winter may come sooner or later, and be more or less severe in any given year, the same is true of a Fourth Turning in any given saeculum. According to Strauss and Howe, there are many potential threats that could feed a growing sense of public urgency as the Fourth Turning progresses, including a terrorist attack, a financial collapse, a major war, a crisis of nuclear proliferation , an environmental crisis, an energy shortage , or new civil wars.

The generational cycle cannot explain the role or timing of these individual threats. What the generational cycle can do, according to Strauss and Howe, is explain how society is likely to respond to these events in different eras. It is the response, not the initial event, which defines an era according to the theory. According to Strauss and Howe, the crisis period lasts for approximately 20 years.