The Greatest Leap of Your Life

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Most of us fall short in this. We grow up doing things we believe are good or people around us think are good. This is why the Buddha had to escape from his royal family in order to find path to enlightenment. All he knew was that there was a higher calling and it required him to get out of his comfort zone and explored. But why does this matter to us normal beings? Why is it important for us to discover who we truly are and be our true selves?

This comes down to the second point. To self-actualize is to become whole. To feel content is to feel happy from within. However, a lot of people never really take time to discover who they truly are. They go on the pre-conceived pattern of what everyone else in the society is doing. They jump from one phase of life to another without taking some time off to reflect.

10 Ways to Find Your Zone of Genius - The Big Leap Book Summary by Gay Hendricks

They never leave their comfort zone to discover their true self with complete freedom at hands. Oftentimes, who you truly are evolves as you grow. You become more patient and calmer as you get older. You become wiser and deeper. You become more intuitive and in touch with yourself. This is why a lot of people seek happiness from external sources - outside validation, praises, and materials.

They keep seeking and attaining fleeting happiness - the kind of happiness that does not last. Take a leap of faith and throw yourself into the unknown, you will be surprised what you discover about yourself. As far as I can remember, I have been throwing myself into the unknown. It was quite scary at first but somehow it got easier and easier as I kept doing it. Every time I feel bored, stuck, or unmoving, I just take a leap of faith and throw myself into the unknown.

What was the turnout? How did it make you feel? Go somewhere new. Try something different. Talk to new people.

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It can give you a total breath of fresh air! Taking a leap of faith and throwing yourself into the unknown is scary. You have to put yourself out there into the world full of uncertainty. You have to get out of your comfort zone in order to break away from your fear. It took me out of my comfort zone.

I had to contact different clubs, approached them, and proved to them why they should get this newcomer on board. I then found a way to market myself and the events that I became well-known in a matter of months. That proved to me that I could establish a new identity in a new city.

The Big Leap

It proved to me that I could achieve anything I set my mind to. All I need to do is to set a goal, think about how I can strategically achieve that goal, and just make it happen. With such strong teammates, determination, and hard work, we won the national final and I was flown to Paris as an Australian representative! Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything.

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Start from small achievements and then slowly move to something bigger and bigger. Learning to throw yourself into the unknown is all about the intuition. You make decisions based on your feelings and you let your heart lead your life. In the beginning, if you grew up letting your brain lead your life, you might not feel comfortable at first. It may feel foreign to you to use your intuition rather than your brain. But after going through a few disappointments in life, you will find that using your intuition to guide you is the best way to be.

You will feel liberated and happier from the inside. One thing that comes with following your intuition is feeling free. We are all caged in a set of beliefs we set for ourselves, in our own attitudes, and in our perspective of the world. When we learn to let go of how things should be, when we stop trying to be politically correct, when we stop trying to be right, when we just let things be, we will experience a complete sense of freedom and joy.

It takes a lot of work in terms of personal development until you can be at a point where you can experience a peace of mind because your mind is not confined by things that make you think and worry too much. Most of us think of failing when we think of throwing ourselves into the unknown - quitting our jobs, moving somewhere new, and starting anew. One event always leads to another.

Whisper the USM softly to yourself again. Continue like this for five to ten minutes. The saving move in that moment is to renew your commitment. View all 9 comments. Feb 15, Mary Mulliken rated it it was ok. This book was annoying.

The author is arrogant and, while he has some good ideas, doesn't explain them in enough detail for them to be very helpful. It seemed like this book was written in a couple of days and not edited. This kind of climbing seems very dated to me, and therefore, This book was annoying. This kind of climbing seems very dated to me, and therefore, so does the book. View all 6 comments. Love the ideas in this book. Thoughtful and thought provoking.

I am sometimes hindered by the language though. The metaphors and terminology are a bit too sports, big business or California life coach oriented for me to be able to relate the "zone of genius" and "keys to liberation" for example. But if you forget those verbal shortcuts the concepts themselves are both simple and powerful.

Across the cislunar blackness, we set sail for a landing that almost didn't happen.

So in the spirit of "take what works and leave the rest" the lessons in this book can really help you bre Love the ideas in this book. So in the spirit of "take what works and leave the rest" the lessons in this book can really help you break through the "barriers to your success" and help you become the best version of yourself. And this I think is it's gift. Jul 07, Ted rated it did not like it. This is a book that has some truth, some helpful suggestions for how to live life.

However, they are few and far between.

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Most of the book is filler, stories of the author's accomplishments, famous people he has helped, or stuff he has acquired. I would not recommend reading this book. Nov 25, Donovan rated it really liked it. Mind boggling read! This book was recommended to me by my coach Judymay when I was facing challenges in where is the next level for me. I know now why she chose it. The book is an easy read yet it packs a punch if you do the exercises and play full out.

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The foundation of the book is the fact that we are all born to win, but when we get a feel for winning, we back down and go back to our comfort zone. Hendricks also offers so ideas of how we can operate in our genius zone more often. On Mind boggling read! On the whole I enjoyed the book and have recommended it to a few clients as well as some fellow coaches. As a result of working through it several times, I have found the clarity I need to launch the next phase of my business.

If you just want a quick read and not do the exercises, this book is probably not for you. If you're will to be open to a slightly different concept and interact with the questions, give it a go!! You may find the genius in you that is waiting to surface!! Nov 04, Shiri rated it it was ok Shelves: pseudoscience , self-optimization.

This book was a confusing mix of startling, deep insights about fear of success and self-sabotaging behaviors, sitting side-by-side with pseudoscientific, feel good, "The Secret"-style B. Many of the examples used in the book were contrived or exaggerated to the point of silliness.

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Paraphrased: "I urged him to follow his dreams, and he said, sure, maybe at some point. I never saw him again. Two weeks later, I he This book was a confusing mix of startling, deep insights about fear of success and self-sabotaging behaviors, sitting side-by-side with pseudoscientific, feel good, "The Secret"-style B.