The Hidden Secrets of Gods True Oneness!

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And whatever is colored with ostentation and self-glorification will fade and nothing will be left for the individual.

Opening Statement Affirming the Oneness Doctrine

All acts of worship must be done with the intention of seeking nearness qurbah to Allah and if a part of them is for the sake of other than God, they all become invalid. For example, if one of the obligatory acts in prayer is done for the sake of other than God, the entire prayer becomes invalid. If one of the supererogatory acts is also done ostentatiously, or the time of worship performance at its first and best period , or its place in the first row or in the mosque is for the sake of other than God, the prayer is invalid.

God accepts an act which is pure and sincere in terms of its location and time requirements, quality and peculiarity, and in which no partner is associated with Him:. Sincerity, or freedom from ostentation is crucial for acceptance. And there are still many h ad i th s that indicate the sublime status that sincerity and pure intention give to actions and deeds in this world and in the hereafter.

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Apart from otherworldly rewards and spiritual benefits, sincerity also has some worldly effects, which we shall examine below:. If the administrators of society conduct their affairs with goodness of intention and sincerity, better results can be achieved and justice can be observed. Good-natured and well-intentioned persons are held in high esteem by people, and even if they commit a mistake, their lives will not become bitter and the people will still love them because of their sincerity and goodness of intention.

This is the amazing effect of righteous intention. On the contrary, if intentions are wicked and mischievous, their consequences will affect the person himself, and in addition to otherworldly consequences, social calamities will also follow. Firm intentions and good motives will get important work done even from those who are considered incapable. If the motive is strong and divine, there will be no apathy, hesitation, or despair.

For this reason, depression and cowardice cannot be observed in any of the divine saints, even in their old age, because their hearts and souls were replete with pure, divine intentions, seeking help from God in all predicaments and crises, against all enemies and powers. An illustrious example is the Imam of the ummah may his soul be sanctified who with a tranquil heart in constant remembrance of God forced the superpowers to surrender. The decision to do good deeds and to have good intentions releases man from a state of indifference, and it has a value equal to the act itself, in addition to the divine reward for it.

Even if you fail in doing so, at least you will not be included among the negligent.

We need to Recover and Keep the unique Oneness of the Body, the Oneness of the Spirit

Since the knowledge, power and faculties of man are limited, he cannot acquire all he wants. For example, if someone intends and wishes to guide all the misguided people around him and strives hard to do so but fails, he will be rewarded for the said intention. On the other hand, bad intentions go beyond time and place circumstances, and affect the doer of evil deeds.

If a person accepts the corruption, sin and tyranny of others and is pleased with them, he shares their sins. So, to be pleased with a good or evil act carries man beyond time and space and lets him share in its reward or consequence. And this fact has been mentioned in numerous traditions. He accepts small deeds; He conceals wicked and corrupt acts and manifests good deeds. Reflecting on creation enhances our cognition of the grandeur and power of God, and as a result, we direct our deeds toward Him with greater sincerity and purity of intention.

Learning, reciting and remembering the Attributes of God, the Exalted, keeps our focus in the right direction, detaches us from all besides Him, and gradually elevates us. For example, examining closely the Names and Attributes of God in the Jawshan Kab i r Supplication can be a truly great purifying experience. Recognizing the blessings of God and paying attention to them draw man toward God and make his heart the sanctuary of His love. For instance, in the Ab u H amzah ath-Thum a l i Supplication, Imam as-Sajjad as enumerates the blessings one by one:. And the list is endless.

Those who strive for the sake of the world and other than God may or may not attain their objective. The gain and outcome of the works of those who strive in the way of God and the hereafter, however, are certain.

The True Name of God - Secret Code Hidden in Book of Leviticus.

Those who have worldly and other-than-God objectives value the world more than its actual worth. Such are the expressions of the Creator of the universe who knows the nature of the world better than anybody else. He, who is not seduced and charmed by the world and does not desire it, is the one who will attain purity.

Absolute power belongs to God Almighty and none other than Him. Therefore, anyone who is created by God is not worthy of being the focus of attention or worship. Will you not then listen? Will you not then perceive?

The Muhyiddin Ibn 'Arabi Society

Even those who have been associated with God as His partners can do nothing in the world and in the hereafter. Those who are worshipping deities other than God on the Day of Resurrection they will regret pleasing those who were impotent and powerless. Many of those who focused their attention on other than God, met a painful and dismal fate. Taking one look at their fate can teach man the futility of worshipping anyone other than God.

Qarun Korah did not pay heed to the sincere invitation of Hadhrat Musa Moses as and took pride in his abundant wealth, but he was miserably swallowed by the earth and none of his supporters was able to rescue him:.

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Then he had no host to help him against Allah, nor was he of those who can save themselves. Many rich and affluent garden owners went away and left behind all the things they had accumulated. All their wealth was of no avail. Fields and splendid places, and the bounties wherein they rejoiced!

God exposed and unveiled the true nature of so many who deceptively showed themselves for sometime to be sincere and pious:.

Our Oneness is the Anointing of the Spirit which Mingles us with the Triune God

Those who want to dupe the people and deceive God by means of ostentation and pretension, the divine scheme will encompass them and they will be exposed. There are numerous examples of such people. Their end is instructive for anyone who wishes to keep aloof from pretension and deception.

It is stated in a had i th that on the Day of Resurrection, the dissembler will be called by four names: unbeliever k a fir , impious f a jir , traitor gh a dir , and loser kh a sir. He will be called k a fir because in terms of belief, he has not taken God into account. He will be branded kh a sir , for the outcome of his whole lifetime was nothing.

Today, get your rewards from those for the sake of whose pleasure you were working. Therefore, attention to the regret of dissemblers in the hereafter, brings man nearer to sincerity. Purity of intention and the motive of seeking nearness qurbah to God can assume various forms.

Of course, some forms are more valuable than others. Some of these forms are as follows:. Doing good and avoiding evil is sometimes due to fear of hell and hardships on the Day of Resurrection.

Who is Baha’u’llah?

Divine reward is also a sound intention for worship. In numerous traditions, otherworldly rewards for righteous deeds have also been mentioned, and these rewards generate motives in man. Gratitude for the infinite blessings of God is also one of the righteous intentions in worship. Sometimes, the motive for the performance or abandonment of an act is to avoid feeling ashamed before God. When man believes in the Presence of God in the universe and recognizes Him as Witness over him, he will not cheat and commit sins out of respect for God.

It is stated in a h ad i th , thus:. Even if you cannot see Him, He can surely see you. Those worshippers whose worship is motivated by love and affection and who believe that God is worthy of being worshipped are few and far between. Another group worships God out of fear; this is the worship of slaves. Yet another group worships God out of gratitude; this is the worship of free men. I found You worthy of worship and I worshipped You.

On the Day of Resurrection, human beings will be raised up according to their intentions. Sincerity ikhl as is a quality the practice of which results in wisdom h ikmah par excellence within a period of forty days, after which an unbelievable stage of insight ba si rah and certainty yaq i n will be:. The fact that one is suffering from ostentation means that one has not yet attained the stage of certainty yaq i n and faith. It is possible for man to have knowledge of God, the hereafter, spiritual reward, etc.

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