The Scandalous Lord Lanchester (Mills & Boon Historical) (Secrets and Scandals, Book 3)

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Lady Lissa's Liaison. Anything but a Gentleman. With This Christmas Ring. Manda Collins.

Diane Gaston. Bought: The Penniless Lady. A Duke Changes Everything.

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Christy Carlyle. Julia Justiss. Anne Herries. Nicola Cornick. Carol Townend. Counterfeit Earl. Fugitive Countess. A Matter of Honor.

Lord Ravensden's Marriage. Make-Believe Wife. Secret Heiress. Harlequin Historical January - Bundle 2 of 2. Harlequin Historical December - Bundle 1 of 2. Kate Welsh. Harlequin Historical November - Box Set 1 of 2. Lauri Robinson. What got between them? Who are Ailsa and Rory? If your have been reading this series, I know that you would have been asking your selves these questions and here we find out all the secrets and lies.

I knew that this finale book would be well worth the wait, as Nicole Locke is a fantastic author, for me she is one of the reigning champions when it comes to Medieval Romance, I adore her work she is in a class all of her own, but this, well this is certainly special. In this finale book of the series, we have travelled back to , where we finally find out all the secrets and the mysteries that have been building up over the last three books.

Where we meet Rory Lochmore — oh, Rory!! Be still my thundering heart — and Ailsa McCrieff join their warring clans with their marriage of convenience, some thing neither of them wanted especially with the enemy. I love the sniping, bantering and chemistry between Rory and Ailsa, they are enemies and that is what makes them all the more engaging, their battle for happiness is real and engaging.

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I do like that there is a real sense that if Rory and Ailsa allow themselves to put the family feud behind them they could make it work, all the sooner then they do. They both have issues, there is a lot of distrust between them, but you instantly see that there is a spark in the air when they meet.

They are both hugely likable, and complex individuals, who you will instantly form a bond with. I love when they finally see that there marriage could be more then joining their feuding clans, it could be a proper marriage with something more, it is then that really moves the story onwards. Ailsa is a great character, I love her feistiness, her intelligence and her caring nature.

Likewise with Rory, I got a strong sense of a vulnerable side to him as soon as we meet him, he wants to prove himself not just to his father but to the whole clan, he wants to show everyone that he can be Chief, he can be a strong resourceful leader. Which if you ask me, there is nothing at all wrong with the man wo has invaded my dreams with those glorious arms, with that mighty chest, that ability to wield a sword and his sense of purpose…. Please someone stop me, before I start on about his pert, well-formed, leather clad backside…. Like the previous books, there is more to just this then a sensual and beautifully portrayed romance, as ever with Nicole Locke there is a sense of danger and mystery.

With a poisoning, unease and mistrust at every corner, not to mention the mystery that surrounds Rory, something that the ingenious Ailsa starts to unravel as the story progresses. Just a word on the epilogue, written by the wonderful Janice Preston and Oh, my goodness, it is glorious. It is such a beautiful and fitting end to what has been a dramatic, inspiring and bewitching series.

Over all, this is glorious! I love the story, it takes the reader on a magical and dramatic adventure, that is expertly and intricately woven into what is a true love story.

I am astounded yet again by this series, each book has been beautiful and atmospheric, each one has been such a joy to read. There is a real mixed emotion or sadness that this series has come to an end, and gratitude and awe that Nicole, Elisabeth, Lara and Janice have allowed us to follow their heroes and heroines through the ages. This was an Arc via the author in exchange for an honest review, Thank you Nicole. I cannot recommend that this book be read, so do grab your copy. Hello my wonderful friends,.

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This is not my usual type of post, but I felt that I needed to write it, not just to explain my distance from social media but also why I have let so many authors down with not posting reviews, which I am ever so sorry about and it will be remedied! I have seen and experienced the ugly side of social media this week, I have been hurt beyond words, and for a split second I did consider giving up reviewing. It was something that I never thought that would happen to me as I have always been positive and supportive for everyone around me.

But it did, there is nothing I can do about that, all I can do now is move forward and wish them all the best and hope that they find happiness. My tribe gathered around me just when I needed them the most, and they have pulled me up and made me move forward, I cannot express just how much their friendship and support meant to me over the last few days. Have your cry in private, have lashings of tea and so much cake your are fit to burst, but let your true friends in to help you, let them comfort and support you, let them shower you with love heart Gifs and virtual hugs.

I have come full circle with my personal experience, I have been through more emotions then I can relate to you, but now I am through the tunnel of heart-ache and despair and I see things far more clearly and my perception of people has changed, not sure for the better but I am definitely far more guarded then I was this time last week. Another change that has come over me is that I am far more determined to keep reviewing, to keep sharing my love of books, to keep supporting my friends and those who I admire.

I will never let any nastiness take what I love away. There are many hurdles to face in this life and you must always, always keep going and keep jumping them, life it just too short to let a single unpleasant experience to stop you living it.

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It was a time when women were starting to rebel against Victorian conventions and to strive for their independence. But where there is devotion there can also be deceit and where there is hope there also dwells despair. Marilyn Pemberton has always worked in IT and is still a full-time project manager, but is hoping to retire very soon.

At the age of 40 she decided she wanted to exercise the right side of her brain and so commenced a part-time BA in English literature. The fate of the boys as castrati is an integral part of the tale, of course, but it is also a story of adulterous passion, deceit, murderous revenge, guilt and enduring love. Monday, June 17 Excerpt at Broken Teepee.

Thursday, June 20 Interview at Passages to the Past. Monday, June 24 Review at Coffee and Ink. I am a romantic: I look for the beauty and romance in everything. Author of smart, saucy, and seductive happily ever afters. I love a good shenanigan. Book Reviewer, Avid Reader and Bookworm. And for a look at more Regency prints, visit my website at www. Thank you, everyone, for participating. We love your comments, and we love to give away books!

Our readers love to learn about authors new to them. I'm adding a link to my "blind heroine" book, a very old Signet Regency that has just recently been reissued at www.

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The original editor decided she was tired of ill and maimed protagonists and refused to accept a blind heroine, so I had to make her lame instead. I've edited and edited to get rid of all the sensory description that made sense for a blind heroine but it's still hilarious. But as the discussion in our comments indicates, this is another "middle of the road" decision! Then while you were recovering from the conference, word arrived that Library Journal had given you a starred review for your new September release, To Catch a Bride.

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Though it stands on its own, it is sure to entice readers to read the others. So, for starters, can you tell us about your Devil Riders series? How did you come up with it, how long will it be, are there any ongoing themes? AG: Thanks, Mary Jo. I wanted to do a series about four men, friends since school, who'd been at war together. When I discussed it with my editor, she suggested I make all the men younger sons, who not only had to adjust to peacetime, but who had to make their own way in the world.

It's strayed a little from that beginning -- as you know, characters tend to have a life of their own once they hit the page. The series was originally supposed to be four books, but it might stretch to more. I don't know yet. My publisher will decide on that.