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Paligo includes a variety of admonition elements that you can use: Note This is a note element The note is normally used for general information that you want to stand out. Caution This is a caution element The caution element can be used however you need, but has a certain significance in some industry standards.

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Warning This is a warning element The warning element can be used however you need, but has a certain significance in some industry standards. Danger This is a danger element Danger is a custom Paligo element. Tip This is a tip Tips are designed for giving readers helpful advice and suggestions.

Important This is an important element The important element is for adding extra emphasis to general information.

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DocBook definitions of admonitions. In this section :.

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  7. There were also crashes not due to either mechanical or human error but to a lack of warning of dangerous conditions. The government continues to call for calm while warning people to be on their guard. But we both know the warning signs and know what to do if that should happen. We prefer to wave away the warning signs; like The Interview, Mulholland Drive was comfortably downplayed as over-the-top satire.

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    The monarch was admonished to ask no more, but he disregarded the warning. But before he could speak further, the other clapped a warning hand over his mouth. But as far as I recollect, that warning , inexorable as it was, only touched the question of ammunition. They would certainly have noticed the warning bleak northern sky and other indications of the coming storm.

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    National Weather Service alerting the public that a storm or other weather-related hazard is imminent and that immediate steps should be taken to protect lives and property. Compare advisory def 5 , storm warning def 2 , watch def Yuh ready? Words related to warning ominous , information , word , threat , hint , notification , signal , admonition , prediction , alert , alarm , guidance , indication , suggestion , recommendation , caution , lesson , sign , advice , example.