What Lucy Taught Us: Improving your business one process at a time

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The leader then projected copies of student papers on the wall, where we read several stories about bullying, gender discrimination, etc. The stories were impressively written, although they seemed, after a while, to sound almost uniform; without exception, each protagonist was a victim of some kind. The publication of The Art of Teaching Reading catapulted Calkins to expert status in reading as well.

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Beginning in kindergarten, children are to regard books as objects of study. Post-its loom particularly large in the Calkins universe. Not so in a project classroom. Rarely are children invited to simply sink into a story and experience it emotionally. In fact, when an unguarded emotion occurs while a teacher is reading aloud, it is perceived as a unique, nearly baffling event.

Yet Calkins herself, in the middle of The Art of Teaching Reading , describes with some derision two 2nd-grade students using jargon to discuss a book. When she asks them what they are referring to and their response is flimsy, she concludes that all their jargon is much ado about nothing. Calkins has managed to bring the whole unwieldy world of teaching writing into neat, snap-on categories.

The diagnosis

There are four phases for conducting a conference: the research phase to last no longer than two minutes , in which the teacher assesses what she or he will teach the young writer; the decision phase, in which the teacher decides what kind of conference there are four kinds to implement; a teaching phase; and, finally, a link phase, which involves extracting an oath from the child. What do you see us doing over and over again?

Compare the way we tend to give compliments and the way you have done this. By doing this, you will be able to create your own Guide to Giving Powerful Compliments. While the idea of meeting one-on-one with a child to discuss his work might suggest spontaneous communication between two people, conferences as described by Calkins have a prepackaged, often manipulative quality. Another approach brings a similar result. Calkins is shaping the education of millions of children, yet no independent research backs the efficacy of her programs.

What Lucy Taught Us – Actionable Books

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Who is Lucy Bingle? Corporate Training.

Thinking of retraining as a teacher? Do it. But do your homework first | Claire Soares

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What Lucy Taught Us – Actionable Books

I was so impressed with the content and delivery of her presentation that I insisted she conduct an in-house workshop for the rest of my colleagues. Her workshop was practical and relevant and I saw immediate results from implementing her ideas. I came away with so much more knowledge than I expected. Lucy has a talent for conveying information in a clear and easy-to-understand way. I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to learn how to make the most of their LinkedIn profile and company page. Plain English specialist. Lucy was a new principal when her oldest child, now age 14, was born.

Continued wins at work and flexibility at home convinced Lucy that the part-time schedule was feasible—and mutually beneficial. Keys to success included asking for what she needed, and thinking about her reduced schedule in the context of a year.

The Comparison Coach: How to stop comparing yourself to others and live a more fulfilling life

Sometimes she had to flex her schedule—finding the days and hours that worked best each week—but over time, she could achieve her goal of keeping days of the work week completely focused on home. She then worked in real estate for Trammell Crow, consulting for Monitor Company , and brand management for General Mills. In reflecting on her Stanford experience, she is just as proud of her nomination for the Arbuckle Award, which peers give to the student who had the greatest impact on the Stanford community outside of the classroom.

Lucy loved what she was learning and her incredible relationships with classmates.