Where the Meadowlarks Sing

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  • Eastern Meadowlark!
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  • Eastern Meadowlark Overview, All About Birds, Cornell Lab of Ornithology!
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  • Ospreys are an indicator species. The health of their population has implications for the health our coastal ecosystems. State: Special Concern Breeding. The eastern meadowlark is a robust, medium-sized songbird, typically inches long with a wingspan of around 14 inches.

    Western Meadowlark – They Just Can’t Help But Sing « Feathered Photography

    The eastern meadowlark also has a notably long and pointed bill, a short tail with white outer feathers, and a brown-streaked back. Females look like the males but are smaller.

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    • What makes the meadowlark sing??
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    • Eastern Meadowlark, Sturnella magna.
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    • In winter, adults resemble the juveniles since their colors dull and their black chest feathers become pale-tipped. Eastern meadowlarks often sing from fence posts, trees, and other elevated perches. Rather, the eastern meadowlark is a member of the blackbird family Icteridae along with orioles, cowbirds, grackles, red-winged blackbirds, bobolinks, and others. Eastern meadowlarks are widespread in grassland habitats across roughly the eastern half of the US and southeastern Canada, ranging southward into northern South America.

      Down Where the Meadowlarks Sing

      They are usually year-round residents, but northernmost populations migrate south for the winter. New Jersey's meadowlarks are most common in the agricultural areas of Sussex, Warren, Hunterdon, and Salem Counties and are often resident year-round, especially in the south.


      Preferred habitats include grasslands, prairies, lightly grazed pastures, mixed-grass hayfields, and fallow areas with a low percentage of forbs and less than one-third shrub cover. Dense grasses between inches tall medium height seem to be the most used for nesting. Meadowlarks may use cropland as well, although nesting is limited by the absence of grass cover. Ideal habitats have ample perches within the habitat or along the perimeter. Fence posts, tall forbs, shrubs, trees, and even utility wires can serve as perches.

      Eastern meadowlarks are area-sensitive birds, requiring at least acres of unbroken grassland habitat for nesting.

      What to See Now: Western Meadowlarks

      Close Lanyon , distribution Lanyon, W. Ecological aspects of the sympatric distribution of meadowlarks in the north-central states. Ecology Close Lanyon a , Lanyon, W. Species limits and distribution of meadowlarks of the desert grassland. Auk Close Lanyon , and hybridization Lanyon, W. Hybridization in meadowlarks. Bulletin of the American Museum of Natural History Hybrid sterility in meadowlarks.

      Nature Close Lanyon b. Further work by Rowher Rohwer, S. A multivariate assessment of interbreeding between the meadowlarks, Sturnella. Systematic Zoology Close Rohwer a , Rohwer, S. Distribution of meadowlarks in the central and southern Great Plains and the desert grasslands of eastern New Mexico and west Texas.

      Close Rohwer b , Rohwer, S. Significance of sympatry to behavior and evolution of Great Plains meadowlarks. Evolution Close Rohwer a advanced our knowledge on the distribution and hybridization of Eastern and Western Meadowlarks in the Great Plains. Falls and colleagues have revealed many aspects of the structure and function of the meadowlark's beautiful and unique song Falls, J.

      Sequence of songs in repertoires of Western Meadowlarks. Canadian Journal of Zoology Close Falls and Krebs , Falls, J. A comparison of neighbor-stranger discrimination in Eastern and Western Meadowlarks. Close Falls and d'Agincourt , Falls, J. Why do meadowlarks switch song types? Song matching in Western Meadowlarks. Close Falls , and Falls, J.

      Find This Bird

      Horn and T. How Western Meadowlarks classify their songs: evidence from song matching. Animal Behaviour Close Falls et al. Structure of Western Meadowlark Sturnella neglecta song repertoires. Close Horn and Falls b , Horn, A. Repertoires and countersinging in Western Meadowlarks Sturnella neglecta. Ethology