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Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. An old sailor sat on the dockside , whittling a toy boat. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Cutting and stabbing.

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Phrasal verbs whittle away at sth. Examples of whittled. Most of these excess e's were whittled away in the course of the 17th century.

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From Cambridge English Corpus. Given that the criteria for inclusion has been whittled away by these very serious limitations, it is exceedingly difficult to identify any audience for whom this bibliography can realistically cater. These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Any opinions in the examples do not represent the opinion of the Cambridge Dictionary editors or of Cambridge University Press or its licensors. Drugstore's expansive experimentalism fostered obscurity in a conflation of diverse marginal styles, while jazu-kissa whittled their singular collections down to perfectly contained and delineated generic repertoires.

By the time the 50p is received it will have been whittled away by the grabbing hand of galloping inflation. From the Hansard archive. Example from the Hansard archive.

Contains Parliamentary information licensed under the Open Parliament Licence v3. Prices are soaring, racialism is raising its ugly head more boldly, education is being cut, and other social services whittled away.

whittle away

They are in no wise whittled down or tampered with; but an anomaly is removed. In the whittled down form it is true that this anachronism has an advantage to the accused which tips the scales in his favour. Though the list is inadequate, we feel deep disquiet that these rights are being whittled away. If this is granted it will certainly be the forerunner of many similar demands and proposals, and we shall have the parks gradually whittled away.

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Have they already whittled down the conditions implied in their own pledges? That right has been whittled away in many areas and people no longer have the right to cross-examine their accuser. But bit by bit the decisiveness of action was whittled away—not by intention or anything of that kind, but it just happened. We do not want it whittled down merely to that particular type of letter which contains an invitation to do business.

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It would not matter how numerous these were because, eventually, they would be whittled down. Browse whittle. Test your vocabulary with our fun image quizzes. To sign up new customers, it gave up the integrity of its original pedagogical model. Edison sometimes sacrificed key components such as longer school days and more teacher training to satisfy the unions and school districts with whom the company was willing to negotiate. The result is that Edison has been serving the wrong customer. Many other for-profit education companies have realized that the key to growth is to satisfy students and their parents rather than the bureaucrats who can sign large government contracts.

According to a January report by the Commercialism in Education Research Unit at Arizona State University, there were 36 for-profit education management companies in the United States in , operating schools in 24 states. An overwhelming majority of those schools are public charter schools, which receive their funding only after attracting students to enroll in their individual schools. These companies have managed to grow their businesses incrementally, hoping for a small profit at each school. Pennsylvania-based Nobel Learning Communities is a good example.

Nobel's strategy of serving students one school at a time, coupled with a diverse revenue base from private, charter, and voucher schools, appears to work better than Edison's current government-contract model. While the charter school model is closer to real competition, the best models for a market in education would give all students the right to exit public schools, and the ability to move freely among public, charter, and private schools.

Only when the funding truly follows a child will we have a market in education that is responsive to the right customers: the students and their parents. To the extent that Edison has failed that test, the company has also failed public education. Billy Binion Stewart Baker Liz Wolfe Scott Shackford Robby Soave Property Rights. I mean, how is that equitable? Eric Boehm A state law allows counties to effectively steal homes over unpaid taxes and keep the excess revenue for their own budgets.

Food Freedom. Ciaramella Asset Forfeiture.

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The Eighth Amendment prohibition against excessive fines and fees applies to states as well, SCOTUS rules, opening a new way to challenge outlandish forfeitures. Eric Boehm 2. Death Penalty. Rodney Reed is set to die by lethal injection in less than two weeks. Do you care about free minds and free markets?

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